Lionwolf is an art & photographic production duo based in South Africa. With their unique approach to creating quality content that is eye-catching and professional, they are able to create work that is of an international quality level. Their expertise and experience are second to none, this makes them stand apart in the industry.

Over the past 13 years, we have worked with various clientele to advertising agencies, private and public companies, event and wedding coordinators, private clients, models and various media outlets. We have been featured and recognized for the quality of our work by the Vogue Italia editorial staff, who have the highest of standards throughout the industry. Our visual style is fluid and varied for the multitude of projects we are commissioned for. Our works have been published locally and internationally.


Daniel David Photographer

With a passion for visual arts since youth, Daniel has been behind the camera all of his life. His unique ability to capture under various lighting conditions, whether inside the studio or on location, has made his skills invaluable with the variety of ways he is able to capture, creating different moods to suit each project. He studied firstly at AAA School of Advertising where he learned skills in Art Direction, Copywriting, and Graphic Design. He moved to further his skill set by studying at Digital College of Photography where they taught him the technical skills required to operate all types of professional camera equipment. From there he moved on to study full-time Photography at Tshwane University of Technology where he started and trained in Black & White Film. He is a qualified Black and White film printer as well. They also taught him the basics of digital manipulation, different lighting setups, working within briefs and achieving results in multiple forms of photography. This has made him versatile in the subject matter he is able to capture. After his studies he assisted over 20 experienced photographers in different fields for 3 years, to learn in practical training as an assistant photographer in real life situations on set. He officially started working professionally for himself from 2010 onward under his name then coming together with talented artist Chris Hölty to collaborate and create Lionwolf.

Chris Hölty Art Director

Growing up in a family gifted with artistic sensibility and ability to create from nothing, Chris won numerous awards during his schooling for his forward-thinking artworks and later on even sold his works overseas with mentor and noted artist Adrian Boshoff. He has worked with many forms of art including oil, pastel, pencil, pen, acrylic, sculpture, sewing, needlework & watercolor, clay, embroidery, taking those sensibilities into the digital age with retouching and art direction on photographic projects. His inspiration comes from gardening and cooking. Forever ahead of his time and forward thinking, he is constantly experimenting with fresh ideas and execution to not only push Lionwolf’s aesthetic but to push boundaries of the art world locally and internationally. He also styles shoots and creates garments and props when required. He is a powerhouse of a multitude of talents that together with Daniel, they are able to create stunning visuals.